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Wilson Wyatt Interviewed - The Talbot Spy

Wilson Wyatt Interviewed – The Talbot Spy

Video interview, by The Talbot Spy, highlights the significance of a growing “writers’ community” across the tri-state Delmarva Peninsula. Part 2, Video link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GWoGf1Y4DI

Today’s digital age gives local writers everywhere the ability to reach a worldwide audience.  Regional borders are disappearing.  This technological phenomenon, combined with dedicated volunteers, has spawned a vibrant writer’s community across the Delmarva region of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

The Eastern Shore Writers Association (ESWA), Bay to Ocean Writers Conference, new critique groups, writers’ workshops, book clubs, Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild (RBWG) and many writers’ groups are growing at a healthy pace in the region. Website www.easternshorewriters.org.

The Delmarva Review, in its sixth year as a quality literary journal, is attracting prose and poetry submissions from hundreds of writers across the U.S., far beyond regional borders. Website www.delmarvareview.com

It’s a wonderful time to be a writer.  Of course, along with opportunities for writers to reach a vastly greater readership, the Internet also gives readers more reading choices than ever before.  The quality of writing has never been more important, as readers become the discerning gatekeepers of good writing.

The strength of an active writers’ community is writers inspiring each other to improve their work, share marketing and distribution experiences, and become successful.

These and other subjects were discussed in the two video interviews by The Talbot Spy:  http://talbotspy.com/arts-2/