Reprint About Wilson Wyatt:  Article from The Writer’s Center publication, Workshop & Event Guide, Fall 2013, serving the Washington, D.C. region:





I’m a writer, photographer, and communications specialist.  My profession has embraced almost all forms of communications, especially public relations, marketing, and advertising.  Most of my career was in corporate communications and journalism. I am now doing what I enjoy most…writing fiction and nonfiction for fun and publication. My wife, Katie, and I live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, on the Chesapeake Bay.

I’ve always had a serious interest in photography.  It provides the opportunity to express myself with images, as well as the written word.  I enjoy photographing people, events, and nature…sometimes on assignment, but often for the pleasure of bringing light to the subject and to the page…as I see it…a personal quest.

Note: all photographs posted on this blog site are the property of Wilson Wyatt, Jr. Please seek permission to reproduce any images or quote from the text.  Original photographic images can be purchased from the photographer.  For information, please send an e-mail to: wwwyatt2@gmail.com. 

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I would love to follow your blog and have you follow mine at http://www.letterstothemoon.com

    I wrote a poem titled “Yosemite in Winter Snow”, you can see it on facebook under my notes. I need to add it to my blog which is fairly new.

    Cheers! C.

  2. Beautiful photographs and thoughts. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Hello Wilson. It has been many years since Louisville. I came across your book as I was looking through various Yosemite books. I too spend much of my time on photography but mine is focused on travel and culinary experiences. Best of luck with your photography.

  4. Spencer Tomb (Sewanee '65) said:

    very nice! I really liked the material on self publishing. I have started to write a plant natural history book for kids.

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