New Book: Chesapeake Views – Catching the Light

Chesapeake Views-Catching the Light, ISBN: 978-0-9883456-0-7, hardbound with jacket. Copyright 2013 by Wilson Wyatt Jr

Chesapeake Views-Catching the Light, ISBN: 978-0-9883456-0-7, hardbound with jacket. Copyright 2013 by Wilson Wyatt Jr

A New Book of Regional Chesapeake Photography

Chesapeake Views–Catching the Light, by photographer and writer Wilson Wyatt, Jr., has been published as a premium quality book of regional color photography. Offered for collectors and photography enthusiasts, the author provides details on how many of the images were taken.

Wyatt describes the book as a collection of 82 photographic images capturing the changing natural light of the seasons, including sunrises, sunsets, and “our neighbors in nature, on and off the water.”

“If you live here,” Wyatt says, “some views will be familiar. If you visit, this is a sample of the beauty you can expect.”

His collection features the northern Chesapeake Bay region, from Annapolis on the western shore, around the top of the bay, and across the Eastern Shore on the Delmarva Peninsula.

“Writers and artists worldwide are attracted to the Chesapeake Bay for its scenic beauty,” Wyatt writes. “Encompassing the largest estuary in America, and one of the most expansive on Earth, the Chesapeake’s tidal waterways etch a rural landscape of quaint harbors, farmland, and historic towns along 4,400 miles of coastal fingers.”

For interested aspiring photographers, Wyatt lists photographic equipment he uses, as well as camera settings and lighting conditions for many of the images.

The images are printed directly from original digital files on photo-quality archival paper with a high gloss UV coating to preserve color and detail. Sixty-eight pages long, the hardback book measures 11 ¼ by 8 ¾ inches, a suitable size for tabletop viewing.

Wyatt will present the book at a book signing on October 26 at The Writer’s Center, in Bethesda, Maryland, and from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Saturday, November 9, at the News Center, in Easton, Maryland.  It will be available at Talbot County libraries, some regional bookstores, and directly from the author.

Wilson Wyatt’s photography has been published in newspapers, magazines, and commercial media. He has exhibited his work in juried photography shows and art galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona, Maryland, and online.

His first book of fine art photography, Yosemite–Catching the Light, was published in 2011 as a limited edition.

To order the book (at $65 postpaid), contact the author by email at, or by mail at: P.O. Box 298, Bozman, MD 21612.

Original color prints of images in the book are also available for special order directly from the photographer. Contact him by e-mail (above).

Inside cover, "Morning Grasses," from Chesapeake Views-Catching the Light

Inside page, “Morning Grasses,” from Chesapeake Views-Catching the Light – Click on image for full view

Introduction and image, "Chesapeake Bay Sunrise," inside page.

Introduction and image, “Chesapeake Bay Sunrise,” inside page. – Click on image for full view

"All the little small things"

“All the little small things,” inside page. – Click on image for full view


In The Talbot Spy, by publisher James Dissette:

In Bay Weekly, by photographer Robert de Gast:

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  1. Greetings, Wilson: Your book Chesapeake Views Catching the Light was spoken for by photographer Robert de Gast in Bay Weekly’s December 12 issue on local books and authors. See it at

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