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Wilson Wyatt, "Man of Words"

Wilson Wyatt, “Man of Words”

The strength of a writers’ community is the support it provides writers, chiefly from other writers, editors, and educators…in the forms of learning, improving, and sharing our experienced information.  We give to enrich each other.  Our rewards are immeasurable.  An example of a thriving writer’s community is on the Delmarva Peninsula, home of the Eastern Shore Writers Association, The Delmarva Review (a literary journal), the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference, critique groups, and many other organized opportunities for writers…all provided by volunteers.  This is one of the messages in Part 1 of a video interview by Talbot Spy and Spy Publications publisher, James Dissette.

You can find the interview on Talbot Spy.com, at the following link (or you can paste in your browser).


Or…link to YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3Y0SfcNIJc