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Delmarva Review, Volume 11, cover photograph “Sharps Island Light” by Jay Fleming

Welcome to Delmarva Review, Volume 11, a literary journal publishing exceptional new writing.  With humble deference to the great literature of the ages, this collection of poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction is proof that all stories have not already been told.  Here, each writer gives us an original, new voice.  The creative pen endures.

A common theme emerges from this year’s writing: the discovery or realization of one’s individuality, frequently during difficult times.  Adversity leaves its impression on one’s identity; it shapes us.  It can also be celebrated.  Individuality and creativity are inseparable.

As a journal, the review’s focus is on the voice and literary qualities of authors’ work to tell their stories.  We are impressed by the courage and clarity of a writer to reveal skillfully a personal feeling or truth that will be remembered.  They represent human challenges in a changing world.  In most cases, the stories take on more than one meaning. In all cases, the voice is authentic.

Our editors selected the work of 45 authors that stood out from thousands of submissions.  Enclosed are 57 poems, 10 short stories, 11 nonfiction and four micro nonfiction selections.  We also reviewed five recent books by regional writers.  In all, the authors come from 19 states and two other countries.

Delmarva Review was created to offer writers a valued venue to publish literary writing in print at a time when many commercial publications were shutting their doors or limiting literary content.  We still favor the permanence of the printed word, but we also publish an electronic edition to meet the digital preferences of many readers.  Both print and electronic editions are immediately available at Amazon.com, Kindle, and other major online booksellers.

Submissions are welcome from all authors who pursue literary writing (writing as an art).  Our editors read each submission.  Since the first issue, we have published the new work of over 300 writers from 40 states, the District of Columbia, and 10 foreign countries.  Fifty-one percent are from the tri-state Delmarva and Chesapeake Bay region. Over 50 have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and others have received notable mentions in Best American Essays and other literary publications.

Delmarva Review is an independent, nonprofit literary journal supported by a grant from the Talbot County Arts Council, with revenues from the Maryland State Arts Council, and from individual tax-deductible contributions.

As the editor, I am deeply appreciative of the personal dedication of our genre editors, each utilizing their experience and skill to select compelling fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction from thousands of writers every year.  The editors and advisors include: Bill Gourgey, Managing Editor, Harold O. Wilson, Fiction Editor, Anne Colwell, Poetry Editor, Cheryl Somers Aubin, Nonfiction Editor, James O’Sullivan, Fiction Reader, Wendy Elizabeth Ingersoll, Poetry Reader, Gerald F. Sweeney, Book Review Editor, Jodie Littleton, Copy Editor, and Michael Pretl, Legal Advisor.

Wilson Wyatt, Executive Editor

Submissions period open from November 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 for Volume 12, publishing in the fall, 2019.