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Book signings are akin to opening night at the theatre. Theatre is involved, with a few opening lines…and there is a set, of sorts: a draped table with one’s books spread out for viewing, a pen, and there is a simple wooden chair for the author. Props are sparse.

Author-photographer Wilson Wyatt at a book signing for "Chesapeake Views - Catching the Light," at The News Center, in Easton, MD. Photo by Katie Wyatt

Author-photographer Wilson Wyatt, Jr. at a book signing for “Chesapeake Views – Catching the Light,” 2013, at The News Center, in Easton, MD. – Photo by Katie Wyatt

The real likeness to theatre comes when the curtain is raised. For the first time, the book is presented to the public. All the hard work of writing…or photographing, in my case…the editing, proofs, design, printing, and finally the promotion and distribution, it’s all done, waiting for the first public viewing. The author sits at the table waiting for the audience. Imagine what actors feel, that tumbling in the gut, before the lights. Will they engage their audience?

Yet, when the curtain is raised and the lights are turned on, the energy transforms us. It’s a special feeling. The hour has arrived.

Today was that special time. The audience trailed in, composed of friends and strangers, alike. They picked up the books, opened the pages and sampled my photography. Some read the descriptive narrative. We talked about the unique qualities of the book and how the images were taken. Then, the magic words…I want your book. Will you sign it for me? 

It was a good day for an opening. I take a bow to all who bought my book and hope you enjoy Chesapeake Views-Catching the Light. Its 82 images are from my interpretation to your imagination, now and for years to come. Thank you.

Signing "Chesapeake Views - Catching the Light" - Photo by Katie Wyatt

Signing “Chesapeake Views – Catching the Light,” 2013 – Photo by Katie Wyatt