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"Buoy Reflections" by Wilson Wyatt Jr.

“Buoy Reflections” by Wilson Wyatt Jr. – Click on image for full view.

These mariner buoys remind me of an old navigational (not political) adage, “Red, Right, Returning.”  Keep the red buoy on starboard to return safely to home port from sea. Conversely, a sailor keeps the green buoy to the right when heading out to sea.

Thinking of the year ahead is like setting a navigational marker on a journey of unknown length, along an unknown course, filled with faces new and old and events unimagined. We always have hope, the least expensive of all emotions.  We always set expectations, those curious self-imposed creations, sometimes leading us as useful guides…though often to destinations unfulfilled.

My simple wish for the new year is to be thoughtful of my bearings, where I came from, my surroundings…the people, places and events along the way…and where I am headed.  My hope, in time…a gentle landing.