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"New Sun Rising" - Copyright 2011, Wilson Wyatt Jr

New opportunities, new chances, new experiences, forgiveness, a time to start again.  Ahh…can’t you feel the freshness of it all, as you breathe it in?

We cram in promises on this day, forgetting at least for a moment, the arbitrary nature of it.  While it may be just the first day of the year on our calendar, it is a powerful day of new beginnings.

That stack of “undone” becomes “to do.”  There’s a new timetable for my writing.  Those “incomplete” outdoor chores  begin a whole new list.  Exercise…yes, the gym and that old bike with flat tires.  Forgotten household “fixes” become “new improvements.”  It’s magic.  There is no scurrying around to remember what hasn’t  been done.  It’s over. No guilt for the forgotten.

There is only the transformation, as with pixie dust, of everything to a new calendar. Relief.  A new sense of order.  A new world awaits. Please…someone tell the politicians and Wall Street.  They might miss it.

Oh, yes, those resolutions…that’s easy.  Let’s see.  Where did I put last year’s list?