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As I prepare for a holiday book signing tomorrow (Dec. 10), I’m reminded of all my author friends who have stood in lone duty behind a table, hoping to attract visitors, chat and discuss their book. In fact I have two shelves in my home library with over 50 books written by friends…most purchased to support them at book signings. It’s part of the process, perhaps “a rite of passage.” Now it’s my turn behind the table, ready to engage anyone with a twinkle of “holiday” spirit.

I was delighted with an article on my book signing published in “Attraction” magazine, the December 2011 issue. It tells the story, and I’m pleased to share it with you:

“From Facebook to Published Book”

Starting with Facebook, local photographer and author Wilson Wyatt has journeyed from the granite cliffs of Yosemite Valley to publishing a limited edition fine arts photography book, on sale in local bookstores and direct from the author.

His tabletop photography book, Yosemite – Catching the Light, contains 75 color images of Yosemite Valley, California and the surrounding high Sierra wilderness. Wilson will be exhibiting and signing his book from 1 to 3 pm Saturday, December 10, at the News Center, in Easton, Maryland.

The images were taken on a seven-day photographic journey in June through Yosemite, led by his son, professional photographer Wilson Wyatt III, of Scottsdale, Arizona. He was among a group of seven photographers studying the rapidly changing light conditions on Yosemite’s towering cliffs and in the wilderness region.

“The book started as a personal project to give to my son,” Wilson said. “I posted images on Facebook from our daily treks through Yosemite and people started requesting copies. So I reconsidered the book for a public audience, primarily for those who enjoy nature and photography.”

Wilson has more than 4,000 friends on Facebook from around the world. “I sold one of my first books to a graphic designer in Tokyo,” he said. “There is a world-wide audience for fine art photography. Social media connects us.”

He dedicated the book to his son, noting that he taught him the magical wonders of the photographic darkroom when he was ten years old. Now his son, as an adult professional, teaches him some of the finer aspects of digital photography.

“Give nature time and she will dazzle us with her power and beauty,” Wilson writes in the book’s opening. “In life’s universal sense, time is infinite, and we are here for a brief moment…just like a camera catching a blink of light.”

The 50-page hardbound book is published as a tabletop edition in full color on photo-quality paper coated with a high gloss finish. The images were printed directly from digital files to capture the original color.

Copies can be ordered directly from the author at: wwwtwo@earthlink.net. Wilson is completing a second photography book, The Eastern Shore – Catching the Light, to be released in the spring of 2012.

"Half Dome Before Dusk"

Wilson Wyatt (left) and his son Wilson Wyatt III at "Glacier Point"

Yosemite Valley in June