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Writing and photography are bridges transcending human boundaries.  Some people would attach rules to them, but once seen or read, beauty is uncontainable.  It is unleashed.  Each of us has that freedom, within our minds, to touch our creative spirit.   Words and images allow us to connect as people, to share expression and understand feelings of fear, loss, love, and happiness, regardless of where we live or who we are.  The power is within us.

Morning Sunrise, Chesapeake Bay - Copyright 2010 by Wilson Wyatt Jr. (Click on image for full size)

We limit ourselves with boundaries.  They can be our homes, our towns, our countries…perhaps the color of our skin, our gender or age, our beliefs or language.  It’s a natural behavior.  All animals have it. Yet, we have choices as human beings.  We posture ourselves as superior forms of life on Earth, striving to better ourselves…searching for peace, yet starting wars…building great buildings, then tearing them down…writing laws to protect us from each other…talking about purity, then polluting the air, water and soil…seeking truth, but not recognizing the truths around us…holding ourselves better than others, while suffering the same weaknesses.  Recognizing how we aspire to improve, it’s mysterious why we conjure so many boundaries, preventing discovery and creativity, limiting our horizons. Is it knowledge we fear?  Perhaps it is fear, itself, that guides so many…the fear of what we don’t know.

This site is meant to explore creativity beyond boundaries, through words and images, while seeking understanding and connections with everyone. Welcome.